Twitter Moments

A Heteroglossic Archive

June 19, 2020

Beyond its 140-character limit, Twitter’s next most-prominent feature is its linearity, chronologically posting tweets that gradually sink into the memory hole. Twitter’s algorithms have tried to shake up its temporal structure, but as some have pointed out, this tends to drown out less-known authors.

Enter Moments. Moments are like eavesdropping on hundreds of conversations at precisely the most interesting point. As opposed to obtrusive tweetstorms based on searching a keyword (as I did in my early days, riffing off @youtopos), Moments provide a handy cubbyhole for tweets you want to return to later, whether 10 years old or 10 minutes. It’s the closest you can get to meta-tweeting.

I’m obviously what programmers call an ‘edge case’ here — someone who uses a software feature in a way the programmer never anticipated. Yet, an interesting mathematical fact is that in an n-dimensional hypercube, most of the volume occurs at the edges, unlike with 2 or 3 dimensions (h/t). This is precisely the ‘pataphysical space that programmers occupy, where the exception is the rule.

I’ve made 561 Moments, mostly on philosophy or math. My favorite aspect is how they encompass a mosaic of often contradictory perspectives on the same concept — heteroglossia. Scouring twitter is also a surprisingly effective way to get the core of an idea, shorn of all unneeded verbosity. Last, it’s a backstage pass to the lore of a (sub-sub-)discipline, like the deep grad school conversations that I never got to have, or the mysterious origins of zygohistomorphic prepromorphisms.

After Twitter’s last major upgrade, I used an app to keep the old layout, which had a simple button for adding tweets to a Moment. On June 1, Twitter removed support for this. In short, it’s an order of magnitude more difficult to make them, so I have little choice but to move on. Still, I deserved any flack I got for curating other people’s ideas instead of my own, and now plan to blog more instead.

Some of my favorites came from conferences, compiling reams of hyper-erudite thought-crystals. (Though I’m told these authors optimized precisely for pithy tweets — rather than, say, substance.)

For the rest, even the titles alone give an evocative bestiary of avant-garde ideas. I certainly can’t claim to have my own ‘take’ on each of these, but I’ve at least tried to understand them from many angles, like a Cubist painting. It’s fun and informative just to go through the list and see how many you can rattle through, and for someone hoping to learn, these provide digestable sound-bytes spanning the spectrum from gadfly-bites to perspective-changing insights.

Philosophy Programming / Math / Economics
Acausal Trade Abductive logic programming
Adorno / Negative Dialectics (1) Abilene paradox
Adorno / Negative Dialectics (2) Abstract Interpretation (1)
Aesthetics of Failure Abstract Interpretation (2)
Agamben / Thanatopolitics Abstract Interpretation (3)
Althusser / Aleatory Materialism Algorithmic Botany
Althusser / Conjuncture A-Normal Form
Althusser / Contradiction Arrow-Debreu Securities
Althusser / Encounter Autoepistemic Logic
Althusser / Ideological State Apparatus Balassa-Samuelson effect
Althusser / Ideological State Apparatuses Bayesian persuasion
Althusser / Interpellation Bellman-Ford algorithm
Althusser / Overdetermination Betti numbers
Althusser / Process without a subject Bhattacharyya distance
Althusser / Reproduction Binary Decision Diagrams
Althusser / Revolution Biosemantics
Althusser / Spinoza Bisimulation
Althusser / Structural Causality Bi-univocal
Anastrophe Blumenberg / Metaphorology
Anthony Wilden / Braess paradox
Artaud / Suicide Brandenburger-Keisler Paradox
Artificial Philosophy Büchi automata
Asignifying semiotic Catastrophe semantics
Ayache / Contingency Chu spaces
Badiou / Antiphilosophy Church-Rosser
Badiou / Fidelity Cliometrics (1)
Badiou / Forcing Cliometrics (2)
Badiou / Generic Cobordisms
Badiou / Love Colonel Blotto game
Badiou / Void Combinatorial auctions
Bakhtin / Chronotope Computational Aesthetics
Bakhtin / Heteroglossia Computational Demonology
Barthes / Degree Zero Computational History
Barthes / Semiology Computational Linguistics \ Prolog
Bataille / Acephale Computational metaphysics
Bataille / Base Materialism Computational Narratology
Bataille / Evil Computational origami
Bataille / Excretion Computational Philosophy
Bataille / Heterology Computational Poetry
Bataille / Sacred Concrete Mathematics
Bataille / Sacrifice Concrete Mathematics
Bataille / Sovereignty Continuation-passing style
Bataille / Transgression Cubical type theory
Bataille / Unknowing Cylindrical algebraic decomposition
Bateson / Dolphins Datasets
Bateson / Double Bind Differential games
Bateson / Epistemology Domain Theory
Baudrillard / ‘Pataphysics |Doxastic logic
Baudrillard / Eternal Return Dutch Book Argument
Baudrillard / Exchange Dynamic logic
Baudrillard / Implosion Dynamic time warping (1)
Baudrillard / Labour Economics \ Dynamic Programming
Benjamin / Aura Economics \ Hidden Markov Models
Benveniste / General Linguistics Economics \ Petri nets
Berardi / Poetry Economics \ Wavelets
Berardi / Semiocapitalism Ehrenfeucht–Fraïssé games
Bergson / Duration Eigenface
Berry Paradox Epistemic game theory
Bion / Alpha-function |Erotetic logic
Blanchot / Death Factor-Price Equalization theorem
Blanchot / Game Farkas’ lemma
Blanchot / Writing Fictitious Play
Bourdieu / Linguistic Capital Finance \ Lie groups
Brassier / Extinction Finger Trees
Brassier / Nihilism Fixpoint logic
B-Theory of Time Formal concept analysis
Camus / Suicide Galois Connection
Canadian ‘Pataphysics |Game-theoretical semantics
Canguilhem / Pathological Geometry of Interaction
Carnap / Ramsey sentence Georgescu-Roegen / Thermoeconomics
Châtelet / Diagram |Gibbard–Satterthwaite
Cioran / Death Gittens index
Cioran / Suicide Gödel / Existence of God
Cixous / Medusa Goguen / Hidden algebra
Cthulhucene Goppa code
Cthulhunomics Graph rewriting
D&G / Apparatus of Capture Greedoids
D&G / Black Hole | White Wall Gröbner bases
D&G / Enunciation Gröbner basis
D&G / Haecceity Haskell \ Arrows (1)
D&G / Holey Space Haskell \ Arrows (2)
D&G / Lobsters Haskell \ Comonads (1)
D&G / Machinic Phylum Haskell \ Comonads (2)
D&G / Minor Literature Haskell \ Data Science
D&G / Music Haskell \ Dynamic Programming
D&G / Nomadology Haskell \ F-Algebra
D&G / Plane of Consistency Haskell \ Kinds
D&G / Plane of Immanence (1) Haskell \ Kleisli
D&G / Plane of Immanence (2) Haskell \ Loeb
D&G / Refrain Haskell \ Monad Laws
D&G / Speed Haskell \ MonadFix
D&G / Stratoanalysis Haskell \ MonadPlus
D&G / Surplus value of code Haskell \ Natural Transformation
D&G / War Machine Haskell \ Probability Monad
de Castro / Cannibal Metaphysics Haskell \ Reader Monad
De Man / Allegory Haskell \ System F
Debord / Game of War Haskell \ Traversable
Deleuze / Aiôn |Haskell \ Writer Monad
Deleuze / Apparatus Haskell \ Zippers
Deleuze / Bergsonism Heckscher-Ohlin model
Deleuze / Calculus Hellinger distance
Deleuze / Control Society Herbrand model
Deleuze / Dark Precursor Heyting Algebra
Deleuze / Difference & Repetition Hyperoperator
Deleuze / Difference-in-Itself Hyperplane arrangements
Deleuze / Eternal Return Hyperstitious
Deleuze / Flows Identification strategy
Deleuze / Flux Independence-friendly logic
Deleuze / Fold Index Number theory
Deleuze / Manifold Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma (1)
Deleuze / Monads Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma (2)
Deleuze / Problematics (1) Itō calculus
Deleuze / Problematics (2) Itō’s lemma
Deleuze / Quasi-cause Judgment Aggregation
Deleuze / Stoicism Karmarkar’s algorithm
Deleuze / Striated Space Kripke structures
Deleuze / Transcendental Empiricism Krohn–Rhodes
Deleuze / Univocity of Being Lambek calculus
Deleuze / Univocity Laspeyres & Paasche indices
Deleuze / Vice-diction Lattice reduction
Derrida / Always-Already Least Fixed Point
Derrida / Aporia Linear logic (1)
Derrida / Arché-writing |Linear logic (2)
Derrida / Autoimmunity Linear logic (3)
Derrida / Erasure Linear logic (4)
Derrida / Hauntology Löb’s theorem
Derrida / Hospitality (1) Ludics
Derrida / Hospitality (2) Many-worlds \ Decision theory
Derrida / Trace Markov basis
Diagrammatology Markovianity
Duchamp / Infra-thin Maude
Economy of Signs May’s theorem
Electrocene Mean field games
Enantiodromia Mean-payoff games
Ergodic Literature Mereotopology
Existence is not a predicate Meta-circular interpreter
Existential Phenomenology Metasemantics
Flusser / Vampire Squid Metatheorem
Foucault / Archaeology (1) Metric temporal logic
Foucault / Archaeology (2) MV = PY
Foucault / Genealogy (1) Nelson / Zzstructures
Foucault / Genealogy (2) Non-Archimedean
Foucault / Heterotopias (1) Non-wellfounded sets
Foucault / Heterotopias (2) Opetopes
Foucault / Parrhesia Optimal stopping
Foucault / Technologies of the Self Parity games
Freud / Fort-Da Parrondo’s paradox
Girard / Scapegoat Petri nets \ Concurrency
Greimas / Semiotic Square Prebisch-Singer hypothesis
Guattari / Schizoanalytic Cartographies Price of Anarchy
Guattari / Tensor Process Algebra (1)
Guattari / Transversality Process Algebra (2)
Guattari / Unconscious Prolog \ Modal Logic
Gunk Prolog \ Unification
Harman / Overmining Prosopography
Hegel / Concrete Universal Pursuit-evasion games
Hegel / Dasein of Geist Quantifier elimination
Heidegger / Aletheia Quantum game theory
Heidegger / Always-Already Quantum Money
Heidegger / Being-towards-death (1) Ramsey pricing
Heidegger / Being-towards-death (2) Rational Inattention
Heidegger / Beyng Real Business Cycle theory
Heidegger / Boredom Recursive games
Heidegger / Care Regression Discontinuity
Heidegger / Clearing Relational algebra
Heidegger / Code Revenue Equivalence
Heidegger / Cybernetics Robotany
Heidegger / Ek-sistence Rybczynski theorem
Heidegger / Ereignis Sampling
Heidegger / Eternal Return Schelling Point (1)
Heidegger / Existentiell Schelling Point (2)
Heidegger / Fourfold Schelling Point (3)
Heidegger / Gelassenheit Search Theory
Heidegger / Hölderlin |Semantic Tableaux
Heidegger / Poetry (1) Sen’s liberal paradox
Heidegger / Poetry (2) Shapley value
Heidegger / The Nothing nothings Sheafification
Hocquenghem / Screwball Asses Signaling games (1)
Husserl / Epochē |Signaling games (2)
Husserl / Horizon Signaling vs\. Semiotics
Indra’s Net |Situation Calculus
Inoue Enryō / Yokai Studies 妖怪学 |Sobolev spaces
Irigaray / Air Solomonoff induction
Irigaray / Exchange Sonnenschein-Mantel-Debreu
Irigaray / Fluidity Spatial Prisoner’s Dilemma
Jarry / Surface of God Stolper-Samuelson theorem
Kant / Analytic A Posteriori Structural VARs
Kant / Ought implies can Subfactorial
,kataphysics Subgame Perfect Equilibrium
Kierkegaard / Despair Supermodular Games
Kierkegaard / Suicide Tanglegrams
Klossowski / Eternal Return Temporal Discounting
Klossowski / Living Currency Theil index
Klossowski / Phantasm Topological games
Kripkenstein Torsors
Kristeva / Abject (1) Transferable utility
Kristeva / Abject (2) Transfinite Induction
Kristeva / Chora Tropical Algebra
Kristeva / Phenotext Turing Degrees
Kuki Shūzō / Detachment |Turing jump
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Ultrafilters
Lacan / Agalma Ultrametric space
Lacan / Borromean knot Umbral calculus
Lacan / Logical time Universal algebra
Lacan / objet petit a VC-Dimension
Lacan / Purloined Letter Vector Autoregression
Lacan / Sinthôme |Wang tiles
Lacan / Topology Warren’s abstract machine
Land / Abstract Horror Wasserstein metric
Land / Cosmic Trauma Wronskian
Land / Cthelll Zooko’s Triangle
Land / Cybergothic α-algorithm
Land / Eternal Recurrence λ-calculus
Land / Geotrauma λProlog
Land / Lemurian Time War λμ-calculus
Land / Qwernomics μ-calculus
Land / Shoggothic Materialism π-calculus (1)
Land / Teleoplexy π-calculus (2)
Land / Tellurian Insurgency ρ-calculus
Land / Templexity ℵ₀
Land / Transcendental Miserablism
Land / Xenotation
Laruelle / Black Universe
Laruelle / Quantum
Laruelle / Victim
Lautman / Mathematics
Lefebvre / Rhythmanalysis
Lefebvre / Rhythms
Lefebvre / Trialectics
Levinas / Infinity
Levinas / There is
Lévi-Strauss / Exchange
Lévi-Strauss / Mytheme
Luhmann / Autopoiesis
Luhmann / Zettelkasten
Lukács / Reification
Lyotard / Differend
Lyotard / Figure
Lyotard / Inhuman
Lyotard / Libidinal Economy
Lyotard / Sublime
Mainländer / Corpse of God
Mainländer / Will-to-Death
Matte-Blanco / Bi-Logic
McLuhan / Tetrad
Meillassoux / Ancestrality
Meillassoux / Arche-fossil
Meillassoux / Divine Inexistence
Meillassoux / Extro-science Fiction
Meillassoux / Hyperchaos
Merleau-Ponty / Chiasm
Merleau-Ponty / Flesh
Merleau-Ponty / Hyperdialectic
Merleau-Ponty / Intertwining
Metaphysics of Absence
Miéville / Tentacular
Miller / Suture
Mou Zongsan / New Confucianism
Multiagent philosophy
Nancy / Touch
Negarestani / Blobjectivity
Negarestani / Decay
Negarestani / Mortiloquist
Negarestani / Xerodrome
Nishida / Absolutely Contradictory Self-Identity
Nishitani / Nothingness
Non-Propositional Knowledge
Object-Oriented {Ontology, Programming}
Parfit / Identity
Peirce / Existential graphs
Peirce / Phaneroscopy
Pessimistic Meta-Induction
Popper / Propensity
Prynne 蒲龄恩 / 诗歌
Rancière / Dissensus
Sartre / Crabs
Sartre / Imagination
Sartre / Nothingness
Schopenhauer / Fourfold Root
Schopenhauer / Optimism
Schopenhauer / Suicide
Schopenhauer / Thing-in-Itself
Schopenhauer / Upanishads
Schreber / Solar Anus
Sellars / Myth of the Given
Serres / Angels
Serres / Hermes
Serres / Parasite
Simmel / Money
Simondon / Hylomorphism
Simondon / Individuation
Simondon / Information
Simondon / Metastable
Simondon / Ontogenesis
Simondon / Transduction
Slime Dynamics
Sloterdijk / Bubbles
Sloterdijk / Foam
Sloterdijk / Spheres
Sorensen / Paradox
Stiegler / Hypomnesis
Supervenience (1)
Supervenience (2)
Supervenience (3)
Tarde / Monad
Thacker / Cosmic Pessimism
The Jewel is in the Lotus
Toronto Research Group
Trần Đức Thảo / Marxist Phenomenology
Transcendental pragmatism
Ulrich Horstmann / Desolation
Unamuno / Tragic
Varzi / Holes
Veblen / Conspicuous Leisure
Veblen / Pecuniary Emulation
Vico / New Science
Wang Yangming / Unity of Knowledge & Action
Watsuji Tetsurō / Betweenness
Whitehead / Concrescence
Witold Gombrowicz
Wittgenstein / Language game
Xenakis / Achorripsis
Xenakis / Granular Synthesis
Xenakis / Sieves
Xenakis / Time
Xiong Shili / Consciousness-Only
Zalamea / Entangling
Zapffe / Antinatalism
Žižek / Jouissance
Žižek / Organs without Bodies