My name is Graham. I studied economics in Canada, then spent two years in China studying the language, and then another two years on an MA in economics in Shanghai. I can speak Chinese, and have autodidactic interests in philosophy, programming, mathematics, and data visualization.

Now I’m in Toronto, working as a business analyst. My main role is brainstorming with incoming immigrants to create high-tech business ideas that can get venture capital support. Much of this involves applied machine learning, where I’m gradually building up expertise in the distinct ‘flavor’ of each algorithm, and how each lends itself to different problems.

I’m aiming to transition into data science, which means learning a hodgepodge of math and coding. I try to find ways to mix philosophy into these topics, as a way to psych myself up. This blog is meant both for smaller projects, and for preparatory work on larger projects.

Being in an awkward intersection of economics, computation and philosophy, I often find striking similarities between obscure fields that have never heard of each other. Rather than just ‘ideas of ideas’ (“Oh, wouldn’t it be cool if…”), my aim here is to provide working prototypes for new concepts.

The artwork on my blog and home page is by Tas Vicze.
The art on my research, projects, and about page is by Tatiana Plakhova.