November 1, 2019

For 6 years I had a blog called Linguistic Capital. My email was stolen, it got deleted.

Now I’m trying something new.

Web design is brand new for me. I figure it’s the best way to make learning Git, Haskell (Hakyll), and HTML/CSS into a practical necessity.

My old blog was mostly full-length essays, now working papers.

Now, I’m in the middle of a large writing project. That’s my top priority.

For now, this blog is for small thoughts. Blogging teaches how to think at different scales, and my aim here is self-contained thought-crystals: a diagram, a theorem, a poem, a tiny code project.

To give an idea of subject matter: my background is economics, philosophy, and computation. I’m interested in formalizing philosophical concepts. Within the scope of this blog, I’d like to approach this through diagrams, simulations, and the occasional mathematical model.

The ideas I like, tend to be weird. To me, clarity of thought is in no way opposed to wild speculation. Formalizing an idea means plugging it into an infinite network of entailments.

For now, it’s a time of humility, as I build this site from the ground up. Over time, I hope to engineer forms of thought that are to rationalism what surrealism is to realism.